Friday, February 06, 2009


Man it was sad last month when RON ASHETON from the STOOGES died but somehow I'm even sadder that LUX INTERIOR from THE CRAMPS died the other day!!! When I was a kid (1983) I never even heard of THE STOOGES---the records were hard to find and they didn't have their comeback yet---but boy did I love THE CRAMPS!!! They helped create a PSYCHOBILLY scene in Detroit when ELVIS HITLER, SNAKEOUT and THE GORIES were all influenced by them. I first saw THE CRAMPS on the NIGHT FLIGHT cable tv show in the early 80's??? It was on USA NETWORK or something??? Anyways they played URGH A MUSIC WAR and THE CRAMPS were awesome!!! Then I finally got to see them live in person in 1986---it was great!!! R.I.P. LUX INTERIOR and I hope the best for his widow and CRAMPS guitarist POISON IVY!!! And then I realized that LUX had the same birthday (October 21) as both me and my beautiful wife!!! No wonder I loved him so much!!!

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