Sunday, July 30, 2006

MOTOR CITY artshow post on DETROITARTS blog

Here's a link to the review that Ann Gordon wrote about my show HERE.

The detroitarts blog has become very popular around here due to Ann's excellent reporting, honest criticism, and her remarkable ability to go to every artshow in Detroit!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

ARTSHOW AT MOTOR CITY -- One nite only!!!

I've been getting ready for another artshow, this time at Detroit's MOTOR CITY BREWERY!!! You may know that Graem Whyte has been curating his THIS WEEK IN ART artshows at the MOTOR CITY BREWERY every Wednesday nite. Each week a single artist installs an artshow in the intimate space inside Detroit's coolest brewery. On July 26, 2006 it's time for ME to show some new work and have some fun at MCBW!!! The artwork will be CHEAP because I want to make it available to the kids. These artworks will not be available online because this show for LOCALS ONLY!!! Sorry!!! Please come to MOTOR CITY BREWING WORKS on Wednesday, July 26 for a really FUN artshow!!!

You could win a FREE PAINTING!!! You must be present to win!!!

Motor City Brewing Works
470 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
8pm-12midnite (free painting raffle at 11pm)

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Jamie Easter and I had an awesome oceanic BBQ with scallops, octopus and shark & some jalapenos on the side. Yum!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

There was a QUEEN theme artshow&concert at the Belmont in Hamtramck on Saturday June 30. I decided to try and draw the NEWS OF THE WORLD album cover as fast as I could and completely from memory. As an 8 or 10 year old I used to love looking at that cover when I went to Tim Weidner's house (he was a couple of years older and he had teenage brothers & sisters. There were a lot of cool albums there by KISS, ALICE COOPER, CHEAP TRICK, QUEEN and TED NUGENT). This cover and many others I used to look at were confusing to my little-kid mind. Why was the robot killing the band??? I hadn't seen the cover in a long time and I don't own a copy. I think I did a pretty good job!!!