Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SCOTT HOCKING artshow at HILBERRY GALLERY in Ferndale, Michigan

SCOTT HOCKING has had artshows all over the world including THE DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS and the SUZANNE HILBERRY GALLERY. When he asked me to be in his latest show I said "cool!". So then he gave me a BEAVER and told me to paint it up real nice, like one of those public art projects that are happening all over the USA. You know the ones where they give you a big fiberglass cow or some other animal and they ask you to paint it in your style to make it look nice so they can display it on the street??? Well Scott Hocking decided to buy a bunch of animals with his own money at the real-fiberglass-animals-store then he "fixed-them-up" and then he gave them to a bunch of artists to paint. I don't know what the show is called but it sure sounds fun!!! So here's my BEAVER I just got, it's caught in a trap so I'm gonna paint it like an ICE CREAM SUNDAE!!! Then JIM STORM taught me about BONDO so I made a CHERRY for the top!!! It's almost done!!!

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