Sunday, July 02, 2006

There was a QUEEN theme artshow&concert at the Belmont in Hamtramck on Saturday June 30. I decided to try and draw the NEWS OF THE WORLD album cover as fast as I could and completely from memory. As an 8 or 10 year old I used to love looking at that cover when I went to Tim Weidner's house (he was a couple of years older and he had teenage brothers & sisters. There were a lot of cool albums there by KISS, ALICE COOPER, CHEAP TRICK, QUEEN and TED NUGENT). This cover and many others I used to look at were confusing to my little-kid mind. Why was the robot killing the band??? I hadn't seen the cover in a long time and I don't own a copy. I think I did a pretty good job!!!

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Anonymous said...

the scary robot looks so sad in your version :(