Wednesday, June 07, 2006

DAVIN & DION artshow at MAJESTIC CAFE in Detroit!!!

Last years DAVIN & DION artshow at MAJESTIC CAFE in Detroit was such a success that the Majestic artshow planning commitee asked DAVIN & DION back for part two!!! DAVIN & DION have been working hard so this great show will feature all-new paintings by DAVIN & DION with subjects like CLOUDS, MUSHROOMS, MERMAIDS, UNICORNS, WEREWOLFS, WEEDS, MOONS, ULTRAMAN and more. If you are in Detroit in June and want to see some art and have something to eat or drink then you must come to this show!!!
Show opens on June 8, 8pm-12 midnite and runs through July 3, 2006.

Click DAVIN & DION for more information and a sneek preview of the work!!!

Then you can click HERE to read what REBECCA MAZZEI at the METRO TIMES wrote about the show. Thanks Rebecca!!!

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